Monday, 21 August 2017

print-screen-HysysDynamic modeling is a common tool for evaluation of plant operating conditions and control strategies. It can be used during design, prior to start-up, campaign changes, normal plant operation and prior to shutdown to understand the performance. It prepare design and operator to understand the potential problem and get ready to handle and manage the situation.

The following tutorial presents the development approach of dynamic simulation using Hysys which based on implementing three conventional PID control loops (Level, Pressure and Temperature) on a distillation column unit for a binary mixture.



Topics Covered

  • Size vessels.
  • Install valves and needed pumps.
  • Size resistance devices.
  • Configure control loops and put initial tuning.
  • Define flow or pressure specifications on boundary streams.
  • Switch to dynamic mode.
  • Install controller's faceplate and create strip charts.
  • Press the Go button and play with your model.


Chemical engineering prerequisites

  • Control loop basics.
  • PID controller theory.
  • Familiarity with conventional PID control loops

Required prerequisite course:

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