Monday, 21 August 2017

print-screen-HysysAutomation, is the ability to drive one application (Back end) from an external program (Front end). Programs such as Microsoft Excel (External program) can use Hysys as a calculation engine,  that allow us to create new applications that invisibly use Hysys in the background. This through writing a VBA script.

We will see in this tutorial how to write a script in Visual Basic that will allow us to access and drive Hysys objects (Material stream and Unit Operation located in the Main and Sub flowsheets) from Microsoft Excel.



Topics Covered

  • Access Hysys objects from excel: Hysys Application, Simulation Case, Flowsheet, Subflowsheet, Stream, Unit Operations.
  • Import a variable from Hysys to Excel.
    • Read a stream property (Temperature, Mass Flow rate, Molar composition)
    • Read a unit operation property
  • Export a variable from Excel to Hysys.
    • Write a stream property (Temperature)
    • Write a unit operation property
  • Use Array, Conditions (IF) and Loops (FOR) in VBA


Recommended IT skills:

  • Concepts in a programming language.

Software required skills

  • Familiarity with the Hysys environment.
  • Steady state simulation.

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